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New Profile Posts

  1. 6IX
    6IX Moxxi
    stop hiding behind female pics you fat piece of shit. K.ys.
  2. 6IX
    6IX Moxxi
  3. 6IX
    6IX |LZ| Gentleman
    We do not forgive.

    We do not FORGET.
  4. 6IX
    6IX |LZ| Gentleman
    expect us.
  5. NikosoikonomouX
  6. NikosoikonomouX
    Hey m a new member here if you want feal free to say a welcome to me :)
  7. NikosoikonomouX
  8. Ms. Smith
  9. Ms. Smith
    Ms. Smith Edward
    hey can i ask why you banned me in csgo rep? and is there anything i can do to get unbanned in that group?
  10. Ms. Smith
    Ms. Smith Enstage
    just wondering are you buying tf2 keys?
    1. Enstage
      Dec 31, 2016
  11. ARAB
    I'm buying keys via PayPal
  12. redyftw
    Happy Holidays!
  13. JakeTheDog
    JakeTheDog Edward
    What about to accept me on Steam?
  14. Ms. Jones
    Ms. Jones |LZ| Gentleman
    I really need my cashrep for selling keys and items in CSGO
  15. Ms. Jones
    Ms. Jones Edward
    sir can i ask about my cashrep?
  16. Ms. Jones
    Ms. Jones |LZ| Gentleman
    Sir, its about my cashrep? can you help me with it?
    im sure there is a big mistake for me to get banned there.
  17. niggo
    niggo Edward
    I see you moved my report to "Archived", what does that mean?
  19. Chride2k8
    ...and there's snow....n loads of it...
    1. Edward
      Thanks for reporting this :D
      Nov 8, 2016
  20. redyftw
    Waiting a reply on my appeal. Anyone wants to join me on a coffee?